Celera Completes Its Journey To Independence (CRA)

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Celera Corporation (NASDAQ: CRA) has made the transition away from its old ties and is now its own operating entity.  That is also correct with just the tree letter call sign for its news NASDAQ ticker, as those changes have been allowed for some time.  As the PR noted, “… a strong financial position, balance sheet and pipeline with no debt. It is a leader in diagnostics and personalized medicine, with genetic discoveries and tests predict risk and optimize therapy for dozens of diseases.”

We should get the full data on its operations, guidance, financials, and possible long-term estimates in the coming weeks now that its quarter ended yesterday.  There was some fairly recent data on this, although we have learned that it’s always more trusted data when it has been set rather than when there is pondering over it.

What has been interesting is that this old genomics leader has really been on the road to diversifying away from what many have thought of as science fiction into a company with real tests and a real pipeline.  Its partnership with Berkeley Heart Lab will launch a diagnostic test for coronary heart disease this month, which should indicate patient risk and response to statin therapy.

The company’s portfolio includes tests for HIV and clotting test for menopause and women on birth control, and biomarkers for conditions such as oncology through a partnership with Merck.

Jon Ogg
July 1, 2008

Investors Overlooking Celera in Applied Bio-Invitrogen Merger? (CRA, ABI, IVGN, DCGN)

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There may be a play in this $6.7 Billion merger where Invitrogen Corp. (NASDAQ: IVGN) is acquiring Applera’s Applied Biosystems Group (NYSE: ABI).   What is interesting about this Applied Biosystems is that it is an operating unit of the Applera Corp., and the other operating company under Applera is called Celera Group (NYSE: CRA).  Celera Group also only has a $1.04 billion market cap after today’s move and its actual spin-off was just approved in early May.

Celera projected its fiscal 2008 to have $135 to $140 million in revenues, with expenses in R&D of $40 to $45 million and SG&A at $70 to $75 million.  Celera anticipated at its last earnings date that it will be profitable on a non-GAAP basis for fiscal 2008, although non-GAAP earnings may be near break-even for the fourth quarter.

It also noted that it anticipates a year-end balance of $330 to $340 million in cash and short-term investments after it makes payments to the alliance with Abbott for the settlement charge associated with the Innogenetics litigation and working capital requirements.

Shares of Celera are up almost 3% at $12.96 at 1:50 PM EST and that move is actually on thin volume of only 3355,000 shares (average volume is about 550,000 shares). It’s almost like some traders have made the proper ties today but with thin volume it seems that many have overlooked the tie.

Celera is a molecular diagnostics operation in identification and validation of diagnostic markers using its proprietary genomics and proteomics discovery platforms.

deCODE genetics Inc. (NASDAQ: DCGN) is another company that wants to develop drugs and diagnostics using genetics and genomics that is based in Iceland.

Jon Ogg
June 12, 2008

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